Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Little Burrito

24 August 2010 - Since I was already at the grocery store, frantically shopping last-minute for tomorrow's Kids Cooking Class (tuna or chicken salad and instant pudding,) and our personal chef (Unka Seesee) was out for the night, I called hubby and asked if I should get anything for us to make for dinner.
Since I still had tortillas from the sandwich roll-ups class, he thought it might be fun to make burritos!

Tortillas: "free" (had already)
Sour cream: also free. Some left over from the sandwich/cheesecake class, still good.
2 vine-ripened tomatoes: $.87 (Too lazy to sift through the cheaper ones to find a good one.)
Avocado (to make guacamole): $.78
Huge hunk of cheese to make shreds with lots of leftovers: $4.27 (it's only $2.50/lb, and we'll totally use it up!)
Ground beef: $4.33 (a little over a pound, and I sprung for the 7% fat kind. Ugh. Expensive!)
Taco seasoning: $.38 (burrito seasoning had the same list of ingredients but was over twice as much!)
Shredded lettuce: $1.48
Can of refried beans: $.64
= $12.75 for dinner for 2 plus a toddler, and we have over a pound of cheese left over. (Plus the lettuce and beans, but that's another story!) Just as much as a trip to McD's for all 3 of us but *much* healthier! And some leftovers for tomorrow!

While daddy did whatever you do to the meat to make it not raw (did I mention that I don't cook?) Little Z and I made the guac. I couldn't find my recipe (and apparently didn't post it when I talked about making it with the kids!) so I faked it. Most of an avocado (she gnawed her way into it at the store and ate about half of the little knob at the top. It was a 3-wipe cleanup,) some minced garlic (we get it in a jar. It's awesome,) some onion powder, a dribble of worcestershire sauce,  and... ummm.. some lemon juice. Oh and a pinch and a toddler fistful of salt. Luckily most of it stuck to her hand.
While I put away the rest of the groceries, Daddy and Z grated the cheese. Then Z proceeded to shovel it into her gob as fast as humanly possible. I thought I was gonna lose a finger when I went in for a pinch!

We didn't end up using the lettuce (I forgot to tell him we had it) and we opted not to bother with the beans. (Probably self-preservation on his part. No one got smoked out of the bedroom!) They were pretty good. My hispanic mom friends will probably tell me that these weren't really burritos, but I'll live. We rolled ours up, but she unrolled hers. She's what I call a 'deconstructionist eater.'

She liked the guacamole best. Well, it was probably the chips. But she finished off the guac.

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