Friday, August 6, 2010

Eat Love Play (with bugs)

Friday 7/16/10 - Concert in the park at Tukwila Community Center. Jim Valley, I think his name was, but I could be wrong. Lots of my MOMS were there, so it was fun watching THEIR kids dance around. Mine objected whenever I tried to dance, sing along, clap, or even sway a little. "NO! You don' wanna DANCE! Don' DO DAT mommy!" *sigh.*
And while she seemed more engaged with my iPhone than the concert, she also didn't want to leave. I did finally get her near the musicians at the end, and she thanked them for the music, but wouldn't pose for a pic. After the concert, it was too chilly to play in the spray park (yes, in July. Apparently we only get 10 days of summer this year.) So we went to the playground, where it was somewhat crowded, so all Z did was sit at the top of the slide screeching "NoOoOOo It's MY TURN!" any time a child got in line behind her. *sigh.* A friend and her kids went into the fenced skate-park area, and seemed to be having fun, so I took Z in there too. She ran up and down the ramps, 'slid,' and otherwise enjoyed herself. There was only one skateboarder, so I made it clear we were to stay out of his way, since I didn't want to have to clean up a Little Z smear across the pavement... I mean I didn't want anyone to get hurt.
She looks injured here, but she isn't! When she was younger and I'd go down slides with her, I'd cross my arms over her shoulders and chest and say "Mommy seat-belt! Click!" so when she started going down slides by herself, she crosses her arms in front and says "Click!" before sliding!

I didn't get a picture of the lunch I packed, but it wasn't too fancy. Cheese shapes, a PB-honey sandwich pressed together with my KrustBuster and some fruit (probably leftover McD apples.)

Monday 7/19/10 - Auntie Anne's tour and pretzel-making. We had done this before with another moms group, so I recommended it to the other clubs I'm in, so this wasn't our first time. As you can see, Z is totally absorbed in the Auntie Anne's story... NOT! 

The first time we actually got there in time for the story before the tour and she could care less. Ah well. iPhone - a blessing and a curse. I foresee many pictures of Little Z ignoring some life-changing event in favor of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" app! As usual, she didn't want to touch the dough, but this time she did anyway, and let me hold the stretched dough in her hands and flip it to twist a pretzel, so we're making progress!

After pretzels, a little playtime in the Southcenter mall play area, and our free monthly chocolate from Godiva, we headed home. After a little trampoline time at the neighbor girl's house, I indulged Little Z in her first ever Ice Cream Truck experience. (Well, technically her first was last summer, but she was freshly 1, and probably doesn't remember it.)

The snow cone was a big hit. Poor little thing was shivering before it was halfway gone, and kept saying that she was fine. I finally got a bowl and a spoon and hacked it up for her, so she didn't have to hold it in her icy little fingers anymore!

Tuesday 7/20/10 - After gym class, lunch, and nap, I decided to inflate her pool so we could cool off. Big mistake. Our electric air pump is broken I think, plus it's still at my sister's house. The hand pump was kind of useless. So I started blowing it up the old-fashioned way. Ugh. She, of course, wanted to help. Since this was a big pool, with 3 'rings' to fill, there were plenty of nozzles for everyone to blow into!

After getting the pool at least half inflated, I took a short break. Upon my return, there was a huge brown bug on the pool, which made me jump away and shriek like a little girl (no offense to little girls.) Little Z of course was enchanted with our new find. She named him Buggy P (P being our last name, of course!) I had just purchased a little bug-holder box at the Dollar Tree store, which included tweezers and a flimsy little net, so Z wanted to use all her new tools on the poor unsuspecting insect. 

Net to hand, hand to net, net to tweezers, tweezers to net, net to fingers, fingers to box, box to arm, arm to fingers, etc, etc. Frankly, I'm surprised it survived long enough to escape.

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  1. My son found a cricket -- a Texas-sized one -- under his bed at bedtime last night. I'm surprised it survived long enough to be released outside! I shrieked and shuddered. (sigh)


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