Monday, November 2, 2015

Satva Eco-Conscious Activewear for the Lazy Mama

[Disclaimer: I was given a top and pants from Satva in consideration for this review. All opinions are my own.]

When I was contacted to receive and review some Satva organic cotton yoga clothes, I was intrigued.  I love that the cotton is organic and Fair Trade Certified™, and that their dyes are low-impact or natural. But... I don't do yoga. I do, however, do lazy! And even lazy people can be mindful and eco-conscious about their clothing and food, and support companies that give back to their farmers!

I'm short but wide-boned, so stretchy clothing fits me best, since anything wide enough for my hips or shoulders is often too long or too loose everywhere else. But I don't want to look like I'm just wearing my PJs when I go to pick up the kids at school! (Because apparently I'm an "adult" now.) So I have to wear "real" clothes when out and about. But the second I get home, off come the jeans and on go the stretchy pants!

Lounging Around
Satva sent me an Ambar Strap Back Tank (in Molten Lava, Medium) and Mantra Leggings (in Ocean Depths Eastern Tile print, size Small. I could have gone up a size in these pants I think, but otherwise they fit perfectly!) And they're GORGEOUS! I could totally wear these out in public without looking like I didn't bother getting dressed when I left! Which is great, since then I can be comfy lounging around at home, and I don't have to bother getting dressed when I leave...

Check out the back of this tank! It's so pretty - reminds me of a butterfly! I was worried I wouldn't have a bra I could wear with that intricate back, but no worries - the Ambar tank has one built-in! I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can show this off!

Around the House or Out and About
Whether I'm snuggling my kittens, reading a book, plopped in front of the TV, waiting for my coffee to brew, taking a snooze, or just lounging around staring off into space, the Satva organic cotton clothing line would be perfect! Or, you know. For exercising and running errands and going out in public and stuff too.

Check out this beautiful clothing "in action" and follow SatvaLiving on their Instagram page, and check out all fifty of their comfortable and mindful styles (plus their toddler tees!) at


  1. 50 dollar shirts and 60 dollar pants and the biggest they go is a large? Seriously?

    Well, it's a site full of cute clothes that don't fit 50 percent of women in the world, but at least they're cute?

  2. Wow, love those pants! Way cool. The top looks nice, too. Lookin' good, Kendra! :)


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