Friday, June 5, 2015

Con-Grad-ulations Graduation School Lunch!

Last June when Z graduated from Kindergarten, I made her a special lunch. Since I had my school-related picks and such out, I went ahead and made a schoolery lunch for the toddler as well! I've been sitting on these pics all year just in time for the end of the 2014-15 school year!

Organic snap peas and strawberries, HB cage-free egg, GF Whole O's cereal, dye-free taffy and licorice lace
Since I tried to include a heart in each lunch during her Kindergarten year, I packed the fruit and veggie in a heart baking mold. The ABC chalkboard pick and the little graduating monster ring (got at an end-of-year potluck picnic off a cupcake the year before!) were just for fun. I also added a graduation cap pick in with her hardboiled egg.

For the diploma, I took a white taffy from Trader Joe's and heated it in the microwave for 30-seconds to soften it. I rolled it flat with a rolling pin and used the wrapper in between to prevent it from sticking. I may have had to eat another one to have a second wax paper wrapper to use underneath. *cough cough*
After rolling up the flattened taffy, I took a snip of dye-free/gluten-free Candy Tree licorice lace to tie it up!
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Study Bug
Organic snap peas and strawberries, HB cage-free egg, GF Whole O's cereal
Little Sister's egg yolk is cracked because it was my first attempt to skewer Big Sister's egg. Oops! Still tastes good though!
For fun flair, I added a crayon cupcake pick to her cereal O's and a Study Bug pick in with her strawberries. (It was found by a friend at a cake supply shop with a lot of old discontinued stock! Fun find!)

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