Friday, September 17, 2010

Nuttin' Much

I've been busy sleeping enriching and teaching my child, so I haven't had much time to post. Plus my camera of awesomeness broke in my pocket mysteriously months ago, and our old "emergency back-up" camera refuses to charge. My iPhone model is 2 versions ago (3.0?) and the camera is sucktastic. And the battery dies whenever she does something interesting. I got to borrow my mom's prehistoric digital camera, the BatterySucker2000, and it's annoying quirky and I'm still figuring out how it works. So if you noticed a decline in my photo quality, it's because my iPhone makes wobbly, distorted, yellowy pics (no flash) and my mom's camera takes about 3 years to take a picture after I press the button. Or the flash needs to charge for a decade first. Or I'm on my 4th picture, so it needs new batteries. I don't even get to see the picture on the screen before taking it! I get to wait until I no longer care anymore and she's done 5 more cute things before the picture appears and I can take another. You'd be surprised how fast those Muffin Tin Meals are! (If I move at all, the autofocus is still set from when I first pressed the button, so I don't know my picture was blurry until The Princess has already eaten the subject!)

So while we've been doing lots of amazing, creative and successful things, you don't get to see them, since I don't have photographic evidence. And to think. I volunteered to be her preschool class' historian! Yikes! Sorry parents! You'll all get poor quality, first generation digital, blurry pics of your kids! Next time tell them to stop breathing until the flash goes off! Seriously.

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