Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go-Go-Gadget GoGurt!

I was just going through my Facebook profile, clearing out all the junk posts from games, and I found a little status update about GoGurt and thought it might be fun to share some tips and tricks I've learned.

‎7/4/10, 11:30am - [My] daughter has mastered the art of GoGurt. The GoGurt-fu is strong with this one. For dinner she had 3 GoGurts (and most of a tuna fish sammich, and some stale Cheerios she found under the bed.) For breakfast: more GoGurt.

And as a follow-up comment:
[She] was doing great wandering around the house squeezing GoGurts... but eating GoGurt in front of the TV was an epic fail. I had a toddler staring zombie-like at the screen, sitting in a puddle of green yogurt, squeezing the tube about 3 inches away from her open mouth.

As she's been learning to eat these tubes of yogurt, and not comprehending the concept of squeeze UP from the bottom and don't let it squish back down as you eat it, I've found that cutting the tubes in half with scissors, rather than opening it at the tear-off part garners more success. Potentially messier at the start, if you flinch and don't cut it fast enough, but neater overall, especially if you put them open-end-up in a bowl.

Another option is to get one of those things for toothpaste tubes that you puuuuuuush up from the crimp in the tube to keep all the paste headed in the right direction.

I like freezing them. Not only do they last longer, but they aren't nearly as messy when eaten. They SAY to still throw them out on the printed expiration date, even if frozen, and they are kinda funky looking if they thaw all the way, but she loves it! They also warn that frozen GoGurt can be a choking hazard to kids under 3 or 4 I think, as it's rock hard, but Z doesn't seem to have a problem with it. And if I toss a frozen one in with her lunch, it thaws nicely by lunchtime and helps keep the rest of it cool! The down side is that I still have to help her squeeze it up as she eats it, but I can push out a lot more at a time than I can with the liquid GoGurt, and it doesn't just get pushed right back down when she squeezes! Either way, I get to finish off a lot of gooey yogurt still in the bottoms of chewed-plastic tubes!

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