Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Berry Good Day

Today was not one of my crowning mommy moments in the meals department, but I was not an abysmal failure either. For breakfast, Little Z had Cocoa Puffs with Rice Krispies. (The Cocoa Puffs were on sale at Winco, and they have a free Shrek squirt toy inside, and Z recognized Shrek from the 'Gingerbread Man movie,' and I was worn down from the 3 other Shrek-covered cereals I had already turned down.) She wanted a cookie for breakfast, so we compromised. She also had blue-rasp-blackberries mixed, but mostly just blackberries. I had rejected blue-raspberries, with one lone blackberry she overlooked.

I had planned on going to Costco for lunch, but a disturbing phone call ate up all my pre-nap time, so we had hummus with assorted veggies, and she had strawberries and turkey flowers and butterflies, while I had multi-grain flatbread. Since I had planned on either a slightly earlier nap (foiled) or a nap-on-the-go on my way to drop her off with Daddy at work, I hastily threw together a snack for later. Cheese and turkey flowers and butterflies, and mixed berries. Those suckers get fuzzy pretty fast, so we have to snark them down pronto! A few of the blackberries were getting fuzzy the day I bought them, so I tossed the rest of them in the mix (after segregating the fuzzy ones for disposal.)

Since we were now eating into nap time, Princess Stall-tactics decided she needed to have some blackberries RIGHT NOW please and scarpered off to the computer room with them. After dropping them, demanding 'fresh ones' and refusing to consider washing them, she ate the secretly rinsed ones, and asked for more. Meanwhile, I was scrabbling around the house remembering various things I had promised to bring along to meet up with people later, since I wouldn't be coming home again until late. Finally we got Z, random items, 'Pacifier Baby' (her current doll du jour,) and Mommy into the car and on the road, where it took 3.2 seconds for Z to conk out. Hooray.

The reason we were meeting Daddy at work is that I had been offered $75 to be in a focus group, and the only time slots were 4, 6 or 8pm. Well, Z's end-of-year "Big Show" was that night at her 6pm Little Gym class, and my first MOMS club board meeting was at 7, so 4 was the only time I could make it. But I couldn't bring her with me. Well, for $75 to go into her savings account, Daddy could leave work a little early, right? Unfortunately, it meant I would most likely be late to Little Gym, since my panel lasted until 5:30, and I had at LEAST a 30 minute drive, if magically everyone disappeared from the freeway. They did not. I got there 15 minutes before it ended. But she was pleased to see me, so that was nice. Then I abandoned her to Daddy again, to meet up with my MOMS, which, conveniently, was on the way home from gym! Rumor has it she got a Costco hot dog, which had been my original lunch plan, so I'm glad my plan failed.

My dinner was... I think I had a Fiber One chocolate chip bar (YUM! Loads of fiber too!) before leaving the house at 1:30ish.... and some water at the discussion group.... and a medium (I can't be bothered with the fancy names they give 'em) decaf white chocolate mocha at the Starbucks my MOMS meet at for board meetings. All my food groups met, right there!

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