Monday, August 17, 2015

Breakfast for Lunch? Egg-cellent!

Leftover pancakes and hard-boiled eggs make for an egg-cellent bento lunch!
This lunch was sponsored by the American Egg Board.
Making and freezing extra pancakes or waffles from a weekend breakfast not only makes for some time-saving options on a hectic weekday morning... But when paired with a healthy protein like a hard-boiled egg, they can make for a fun and easy lunch to help fuel your child through a long afternoon of learning!

Hard-boiled eggs are another great plan-ahead hack to make weekday lunches quick and easy! Boil up a bunch at once on the weekend (or whatever day you can squeeze in some weekly meal prep time,) and use them as-needed throughout the week!

Dye-free gummy "eggs," organic carrots, leftover GF pancake with maple syrup, 1/2 hard-boiled egg, raspberries
My grade-schooler does not eat a lot at lunchtime; both because she tends to be a slow eater, and also because she doesn't do well with time limits. So I tend to pack lighter for her than you'd expect for a First Grader. I saved the other half of her egg for an after-school snack!

The gummies were a sweet find [see what I did there?] by my friend at Eats Amazing in the UK who helps me find dye-free versions of the stuff we can't have here in the US, and they were perfect for a "breakfast" lunch! So I couldn't resist including them.

Leftover GF pancake w/maple syrup, hard-boiled egg;
organic carrots, tomatoes, raspberries
My 3-year-old, on the other hand, saves her bird-nibbling for breakfast and dinner, and tends to pack it away at lunch time. So she often gets as much or more food than her Big Sis! She got a whole pancake with maple syrup drizzled inside, just like her sister, but a whole hard-boiled egg (she lo-o-o-oves eggs!) and extra veggies.

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