Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Simple St. Patrick's Day Lunch

I almost forgot to do a festive lunch for St. Patrick's Day. Oops! So I managed to whip this together for Z last-minute and gave her original lunch (leftover fish sticks) to Little Sis. Boom!

GF ham and goat cheese with mustard sandwich bites, dye-free chocolate candies, leftover roasted potatoes, organic strawberries 
I used a mini heart cutter to make double-decker uncured ham and sliced goat cheese sandwich bites which I skewered with shamrock picks and clear green picks and arranged into a shamrock shape.

I originally grabbed the dye-free chocolate candies to cull out some green ones (Simple Truth brand from Kroger stores - I've seen them at Fred Meyer and QFC.) But then I figured, hey, make a rainbow! I did go heavy on the green though. I put them in a mini muffin cup because I try to limit treats to that size, but also because smaller servings are more visually satisfying when they're in a smaller dish that looks full, versus a larger dish that looks empty.

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Some leftover roasted potatoes and a few organic strawberries finish it out. It's not a lot of food, I know. But she hasn't been eating much lately (she seems to be in between growth spurts,) plus she gets two (usually healthy) snacks before lunch since her teachers discovered that snack was a great motivation for her to focus and get her tasks done. So they can get her to do some of the tasks on her list, eat a snack, more tasks, second snack, finish her work, then lunch. Yay! I love her new school, and I love that they can be flexible and work with each individual child to help them each flourish in their own way!

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